PiMail Email Services

I am in the process of creating a PiMail email service. You can test it out by emailing pi@pimail.mynetgear.com, or going to PiMail.mynetgear.com/mail. Thanks!

Get Updates, and Make Posts

If you would like to receive updates, customize comments and received posts, post yourself, have special privileges, register by going to the bottom of the homepage, clicking “Log In”, and clicking “Register”, or click the following button:



I’m currently in the process of developing a Club Penguin Private Server for PiMail. Let me know if you will participate, would like to help, or have suggestions for the homepages. The CPPS will probably be located at https://pimail.mynetgear.com/cp and https://pimail.mynetgear.com/cp-server. If you have any other suggestions, let me know.

Penguin from Club Penguin