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Apple Watch: Series 5

The new “Apple Watch Series 5” has a stunning new design quality. This new Watch has a Apple-specific Always-On Retina display. This allows your Watch to always show the time, without having to do the signature “wrist flip” to see the time. This sleek innovation allows the same battery life of the previous Apple Watch Model, the Apple Watch Series 4, by introducing a variable refresh rate (that can slow down to 1Hz), and watch faces customized to reduce power when the wrist is lowered.

Apple has added a new option, when it comes to purchasing the new Apple Watch. You can now easily customize your watch, at the Apple Store, or online, so it is simple to chose your size, case type, and loop.

The stunning customization options, now avalible with the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple has rereleased the cash-grabbing Ceramic, Apple Watch Edition, and announced a new, Titanium finish Apple Watch case.

Apple Watch Edition with beautiful brushed Titanium.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the same size as the Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm and 44mm respectively). All of the previous bands will work, as long as their made for the proper Watch size.

The new Apple Watch includes a compass, so map tracking is easily possible.

Apple has discontinued the Apple Watch Series 4, but is keeping the Apple Watch Series 3 as a cheaper alternative.

Apple Watch Series 5 Reveal
This Watch Tells Time


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